Macadam’s Clients

Macadam’s clients typically are companies facing opportunities involving one or more of the following:

  • Ownership transition
  • Funding of growth
  • Strategic change
  • Challenges involving operational difficulties
  • Financial restructuring

As examples, the owners may be considering a sale of their company; or the company may be in need of new debt or equity capital to grow; or considering an acquisition or a divestiture; or facing either large financial challenges in its marketplace or suffering from an imbalance in its capital structure.

Markets Served

Our clients are headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. Although the majority of the firm’s clients are located in and around Portland and Seattle, Macadam has completed engagements with clients from southern Oregon to Alaska.

Client Size

Our client companies typically range in revenue size from $25 million to over $1 billion. Virtually all of these clients are well-established enterprises, as distinct from start-up ventures. Under certain conditions we will represent clients with revenues under $10 million, but these are typically high growth companies or those with specialized needs such as a near term sale or recapitalization.

Industry Agnostic

Macadam does not focus on any particular industry or industries. Our engagements and client companies have covered a wide range of industries including heavy, medium and light manufacturing, industrial and consumer product distribution, technology, telecommunications, forest products, logistics and transportation, food preparation and service, agriculture, restaurants and hospitality, financial services, healthcare management, commercial and consumer product retailing, and printing and publishing.

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